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Non Fungible Tokens

The Growing NFT Space

Despite the negative economic impact brought about by the global pandemic, the latter part of 2020 saw a meteoric rise in popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens within a blockchain that may be used to represent real-world items like artwork or real-estate. By “tokeninzing” these real-world tangible assets, they can now be bought, sold, and traded more efficiently. At the same time, the infrastructure is built so that the probability of fraud is considerably reduced [1]. NFTs have reached mainstream awareness in unprecedented levels with digital artworks and collectibles selling for millions. Not to mention well-known celebrities, personalities and artists joining the bandwagon by minting their own NFTs.

The potential and scope of the NFT space looks to be near limitless. It has already revolutionized the concept of ownership rights in the art industry and promises to do the same in the music and entertainment industry. Real Estate and Fashion industries are also starting to change how they do business while taking advantage of what NFTs have to offer. Through NFTs, content creators, artists, gamers, collectors, and other stakeholders now have a viable alternative to traditional ways of doing things, and they have access to a much wider audience without the interference of middlemen [2]. There is still so much room for growth with this technology and its massive potential for real-world use cases continues to expand.

Problems for Newcomers Regarding the DeFi/NFT Space [3]

The Current Blockage

Unfortunately, despite the enormous opportunities available because of blockchain technology and decentralized finance, they remain largely alien and intimidating concepts to everyday folks. While a considerable number of people are interested in delving into DeFi and NFTs, newcomers find the landscape difficult to navigate. Current platforms are not user-friendly, requiring complicated steps in order for beginners to transition from fiat currency to cryptocurrency, not to mention the additional hurdles of importing funds to purchasing tokens, digital art or collectibles [4]. The lack of insurance as well as security issues present in DeFi platforms also serve as a deterrant to would-be investors and traders. This is where CoinBurp comes in.

What CoinBurp Offers


CoinBurp is an NFT-first crypto wallet that connects the worlds of centralized finance with decentralized finance, all supported by a unique utility and governance token, $BURP. Adopting beneficial CeFi features, CoinBurp is an FCA-registered exchange that offers a fiat on/off ramp, making it convenient for newcomers to participate in the DeFi and NFT space without compromising security. It also offers insurance for both fiat and cryptocurrencies within the platform’s custody. Additionally, CoinBurp highlights key DeFi functions by introducing NFT marketplaces, exchanges, as well as lending, saving and staking services to its users[5]. With a user-centered design focused on user experience, CoinBurp is a trading platform that is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. Click here [6] for a short video tutorial on how easy it is to register, deposit and trade using the CoinBurp platform.

Making NFTs Accessible for Everyone

With the admirable goal of solving the entry barrier to the cryptocurrency and NFT space, CoinBurp cleverly merges the best of CeFi security and DeFi innovations in order to make the landscape more inviting to newcomers and ultimately open the space to a wider audience base. By rightly prioritizing security, simplicity and customer care, CoinBurp has ranked number 1 in being the most appreciated cryptocurrency in the UK with a near perfect Trustpilot score [7]. Under a pioneering leadership team with impressive backing and a clear plan, CoinBurp is well on its way to push the boundaries of innovation within the ever evolving NFT scene.



We invest in companies and protocols building the next wave of innovations in the digital space with the product-market fit real use cases.

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We invest in companies and protocols building the next wave of innovations in the digital space with the product-market fit real use cases.