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How the Game Is Changing

Blockchain technology has undeniably taken the world by storm. It has become a symbol of progress and change. In fact, its existence has precipitated the challenging of long-held norms and standards that have served to benefit the privileged few, most notably in the arena of centralized finance. Thus far, this challenging of norms has expanded into various other areas and countless startups with the same battle cry have been cropping up nonstop. There is a growing collective that is refusing to accept the status quo any longer and it is both demanding as well as offering more equitable alternatives.

Not too long ago, traditional banking was the only available option for the majority of people who needed to avail of financial services. This meant surrendering control over personal finances to powerful and privately owned third party institutions. Today, blockchain technology has allowed decentralized finance to thrive, giving back the control to people by providing them real options apart from the conventional ones. This same spirit of revolution is happening across various other industries, promising the kind of change that empowers the everyday man.

Pushing Boundaries Farther

One of the most exciting projects these recent years is Dfinity’s The Internet Computer. As a not-for-profit scientific research organization, Dfinity is committed to building advanced experimental technologies to improve the public internet [1]. It aims to further expand the Internet’s use from global connectivity to become the world’s leading compute platform. Currently, the Internet relies on the proprietary legacy stack and private infrastructures with increasing complexities and insecurities within their systems that have driven IT maintenance costs to the trillions. Additionally, mega monopolies have taken over popular internet services allowing them to control user relationships and data. Dfinity aims to reinvent the internet ecosystem by replacing the legacy stack with a new and open protocol called The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) [2]. This runs on interoperable and efficient software canisters that are tamperproof and scalable, addressing the problems in the current set-up. Most importantly, creating new systems and services on the Internet through The Internet Computer will be simplified and completely open, restoring the Internet to its permissionless, innovative, and creative roots. For more details about Dfinity’s The Internet Computer, you may check out this video from its founder, Dominic Williams [3].

Turning On the Accelerator


Dfinity’s compelling vision has prompted other startups to parter with it in its goal of moving blockchain technology even farther into the future. DfiStarter is definitely one such organization. DfiStarter is a launchpad built for token pools and auctions, supporting projects that build on Dfinity. It invites users to participate in a highly secure and fair crowdfunding environment, allowing them to invest in promising Dfinity-based projects. Doing so will greatly accelerate the Dfinity ecosystem, providing technical support to project teams as well as contributing to the decentralized application (dApp) infrastructure. By empowering Dfinity projects to quickly and affordably raise capital, Dfistarter is the comprehensive all-in-one solution for any Dfinity project launch [4]. At the core of Dfistarter are four crucial features that highlight its strengths:

Technology Support Services

DfiStarter provides technical support for projects starting on Dfinity by generating smart contracts for tokens, deploying contracts for token staking mechanisms, supporting liquidity and offering easy-to-use code that rewards liquidity providers, among others.

DfiStarter DEX (DDEX)

The DefiStarter Decentralized Exchange is an on-chain trading platform based on Dfinity that supports the Dfinity ecosystem infrastructure by providing speedy and secure trading services for Dfinity assets. It offers complete anonymity and financial privacy, protecting user identity. Additionally, it promises trading volume transparency and verifiability, something that centralized exchanges are notorious for flouting.

Money Market Services

DfiStarter also has a loan platform (DLP) which supports all Dfinity assets by conveniently giving traders access to a wide range of credit options. LP shares from DDEX and other DEX within the Dfinity ecosystem may be used as collateral to improve capital efficiency while asset trading on DDEX as collateral for lending and borrwing is also possible, improving overall liquidity.

Oracle Integration

The DfiStarter oracle offers a unified general data protocol of off-chain data for any blockchain system, providing accurate data for dApps in DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. It has a layered modular microservice architecture similar to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and the application of Microservice Architecture technology in the blockchain main chain system. This allows DfiStarter to support a broader blockchain main chain ecology that in turn helps sustain a broader blockchain ecosystem.

Forging Ahead with DfiStarter

In this new era of blockchain technology, advancements and developments are happening every single day. People are seeing innovations come to life like never before. And those that have come up ahead have been the visionaries who are boldly taking hold of the future and shaping it according to their vision. Without a doubt, DfiStarter is looking straight ahead and forging onward.



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We invest in companies and protocols building the next wave of innovations in the digital space with the product-market fit real use cases.