The Hybrid Nature of Chimeras

A Mobile Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Game with Integrated DeFi Farming and NFTs

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5 min readOct 13, 2021

Online Gaming

When computers were first invented, the concept of online games soon took form. Simply put, online gaming means playing video games on the internet, whether solo playing or in multiplayer mode. And from around 1960 to 1990 during the foundation of the internet, many online games were designed and developed to promote online involvement [1]. Games became readily available online at much cheaper costs compared to the past when video game consoles were king. Not to mention the plethora of options players now had access to according to their preferences. Since then, online games have continued to steadily progress. Technology certainly played a large part in advancing the online gaming industry, catapulting it to new heights. In fact, it is estimated that there are one billion online gamers in the world generating approximately 21.1 billion US dollars in revenue last year alone[2].

Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming

The development of blockchain technology brought about the creation of non-fungible tokens or NFTs, digital assets that represent various unique tangible and intangible items like art or in-game assets. NFTs contain distinguishing information that make them distinct and easily verifiable. What’s more, the ownership of these NFTs is immutable, making collectors actual owners of said NFTs and not the creators [3]. This means that NFT items in blockchain-based games can be moved off the platform and sold or traded in any open market.

While online gaming via blockchain technology has been around for some time, the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that have caused unemployment across the globe have made people more open to alternative means of income [4]. Thus, the play-to-earn mechanics of most blockchain-based games has recently become extremely popular leading to a robust innovative phase for the NFT sphere. Unfortunately, several of the most popular play-to-earn NFT games that have been released have a steep cost of entry, not to mention exorbitant gas fees, barring those who lack capital from joining the fray. They also tend to be simplistic and consequently, they can be repetitive and boring.

Something More with Chimeras

What Is It?

But the NFT gaming landscape is now on a roll with new and better games coming out everyday. One such exciting game in the play-to-earn market is Chimeras, a mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with intergrated DeFi farming and NFTs. Players can gain NFT items by playing various mini-games. These items are then used in battles, creatures breeding, trading, and the development of players’ virtual land plots [5]. Players can gain a great variety of resources in mines, forests, and seas using their favorite methods. Additionally, they may opt to create unique creatures that can fight in the arena, team up in clans, build alliances, attack and defend themselves from enemies, and take away the resources of other players using the mined reagents, while more peace-loving players can live on the rent from the ownership of islands. Players can also buy and sell everything within the game at auctions including trade reagents, resources, and creatures.

What Makes It Stand Out

Chimeras Sample Graphics

While Chimeras is a play-to-earn game, it has free-to-play mechanics that do not require entry fees to start playing. This opens up the game to a lot more players who may be interested in trying out the play-to-earn gaming space but do not necessarily have the means to pay the fees. Chimeras also utilizes Transparent Blockchain which enables game transactions to be free or at very minimal costs, unlike current play-to-earn games in the market today. Since game processes are implemented on Chimeras’ own mainnet or transparent backend, transactions will be quick and affordable. Additionally, because 90% of gamers use smart phones to play, the Chimeras design focuses on smart phone interface for a more convenient gameplay experience. And backed by a team of professionals with experience in the development of gaming solutions for brands such as Wargaming, AZUR Games, PLAYGENDARY & UPGAMES, Chimeras is breaking the mold and putting entertainment value at the forefront of its game with the belief that this will keep players` engagement, retention and monetization high. Check out their video here [6].

The Hardcore Hybrid

The recent boom in the NFT gaming industry is such that non crypto players are migrating into the crypto space specifically to take part in the play-to-earn movement. This is the rich atmosphere that Chimeras finds itself in. And true to its name, Chimeras is a fantasy game that gives players a variety of choices to earn, play and have fun. From farming, mining, battles, creatures breeding, to trading, there is something for everyone in this game. The Chimeras metaverse is an elaborate TIER1 entertainment crypto game that means serious business. And for everyone who wants to try their hand at playing online games with the goal of taking a profit, Chimeras is a great place to start.



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