The iMe Smart Platform

Creating Opportunities for DeFi Evolution

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6 min readJun 8, 2021

We are living in exciting times. Technological advancements in all spheres of human endeavor have made our lives not only easy but also satisfying even in its most mundane activities. Taking inspiration from the evolving nature of social technology, the iMe Smart Platform is a next-gen messenger full of new features and possibilities for communication. Adding to this is its application of DeFi functionalities powered by the new, exciting digital asset class — cryptocurrencies. The platform also integrates a crypto wallet with integrated crypto exchanges to make transactions and swapping tokens as easy as two clicks, along with the exciting possibilities for entertainment and finance management.

The growing popularity of the iMe messenger app is completely organic due to the numerous capabilities that make mundane messaging fun, such as Neurobot store with neurobots, multipanel, built-in Google translator that is convenient for chats with an international audience. It also has a functional Cloud with albums and advanced folder features, where people can store necessary media or other data by sorting it out.

One of the target objectives of the project is the popularization of DeFi among people using messengers. iMe Smart Platform is the first messaging ecosystem integrated with state-of-the-art DeFi tools.

Statistics show an almost exponential growth in the userbase of the iMe Smart Platform. There is also a proportionate increase in the number of downloads and crypto wallet activations. iMe has already reached over 2,300, 000 users for both iOS and Android and 480,000+ activated wallets (1 June 2021).

Lime: The central character of the iMe ecosystem

At the center of the iMe Smart Platform is the Lime token. Lime Token is an Ethereum token of the ERC-20 standard. In total, 1 billion Lime Tokens will be issued at the TGE. The token circulation during listing will be only 6.89%.

Lime has been designed to be a cryptocurrency that will have an evolving set of use cases, depending upon the evolution of the platform.

Among the many present and future use cases of the Lime token, some are as follows -

1. The possibility to use advanced features of the iMe and any functionality of a partner that will be integrated into the app in the future. Just by holding a single Lime token in their account, users will be offered a lifelong subscription to use a wide range of functionalities in the iMe app. The user can get a full waiver on commissions for this particular functionality by simply holding a single Lime token in their account. This option may be applied to many other wallet functions in the app in the future.

2. Users with a certain amount of Lime tokens in their account will have access to such integrated blockchains as Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain. Ethereum will be available to other users of the application without a positive Lime token balance on their accounts by default. Lime token holders will be able to use all integrated functionalities, including Uniswap, Pancake, 1inch, and other DEXs. They will also receive access to various exclusive features in the iMe app.

3. Lime Token will play a central role in the functioning of the DAO whose establishment is the next step in the development of the iMe community. Lime will be utilized according to the DAO principle, providing the project community with absolute transparency of the team’s actions and plans and the possibility to influence its development. Token holders will have a permanent right to vote in various polls regarding the project development in the app.

4. The next stage will include the introduction of Tiers. These tiers will be set depending upon the number of Lime tokens held by various accounts and in order to be part of one of three Tiers (Tier 1, 2, 3), users will be obliged to hold a certain amount of Lime tokens in their accounts. Tier membership status will bring a lot of advantages to users. For example, when a functionality to participate in an IDO from within the iMe Smart Platform is made available in the future, the members of tiers will have a guaranteed opportunity to become the part of the project they like and will be among the first. Also, members of higher Tiers will have more opportunities and rights in voting on various suggested functions of the application, related to cryptocurrency.

5. Lime tokens will be listed on popular crypto exchanges. This will allow users to swap coins of their choice for Lime tokens they earned or received on the iMe platform. The utility of Lime tokens outside the iMe platform will be facilitated to a great extent through the listing.

6. Yield farming. This feature will allow users to stake Lime tokens and get a certain amount of other projects’ tokens through a smart contract.

7. As the iMe Smart Platform enters into strategic alliances and partnerships with other projects, this partnership will be extremely beneficial for both communities. There are plans to add almost an unlimited number of projects, the products of which will be integrated and realized as separate tabs in the interface of iMe and their tokens will be available in the iMe crypto wallet. There are also plans for connecting bonuses with such integrations which users can apply unlimitedly by having Lime in their accounts.

Specific guidelines have been set for projects to associate with iMe. The projects that do show an interest in becoming a part of the iMe ecosystem will have to pass a certain, considerable audit and provide iMe with a 5–11% share of their total token supply, depending upon the terms of the cooperation, that will benefit the whole ecosystem. The usage and allocation of this percentage of tokens will be fully transparent. The share of the tokens of such projects allotted to the iMe ecosystem will be distributed among Lime token holders with the help of a smart contract for 2 years after the joining of the project in the iMe ecosystem.

8. iMe will present an additional service where Lime tokens can be utilized as well. It will be a platform for testers of new software and services which will be implemented in iMe in a separate tab. Each iMe user who wishes to execute a certain range of tasks like searching for bugs and fixing them will be rewarded with Lime tokens for their contribution.

The future is bright!

iMe Smart Platform is an evolving ecosystem and has many ways to extend the boundaries of its functionality. Expansions to the iMe ecosystem are slated in the next six months as well as the full implementation of plans in the application presented in separate tabs.

The new functionalities will fall into four major categories, as follows -

- Decentralized P2P insurance marketplace.

- NFT marketplace.

- IDO platform. With this feature, users holding Lime tokens in their accounts will get a chance to participate in various listed IDOs and hold tokens of the project, thereby profiting from being part of a pioneering community of a novel project.

- Prediction market. iMe, with its huge user database and expert team, can leverage cutting-edge technological toolsets to create an even better prediction market landscape.

At this point, these projects are being carefully considered and audited. Once all stages of preliminary checks will be cleared, the start of the integration will be announced. Users will have the opportunity to apply a more expanded functionality so that they won’t need to use other services. All necessary features will be presented in iMe. iMe will handle the audit of these projects and the security of their application.

The experienced team of developers is constantly working to make the app even more robust and multifunctional. User authorization, data transmission, and storage occur through Telegram servers. Privacy and security are fully ensured by the Telegram platform. The overall functionality of Telegram and iMe is fully synchronized since it has one server part. All contacts, chats, groups, and channels a user has on Telegram will remain the same in iMe. But while Telegram stops at being a really nice messaging app, iMe, although built on Telegram API and has many features in common with it, takes the idea to the next level by integrating functionalities that will help in the future mass adoption of DeFi powered by cryptocurrencies.



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