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Offering a Play-to-Thrive Gaming Philosophy

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5 min readDec 6, 2021

Gaming in the Crypto Space

As the global pandemic has extended for over a year and economies continue to suffer, 2021 has seen a major boom in play-to-earn blockchain games as these offer alluring alternative income streams. There are now scores of free-to-play and play-to-earn game options in the market and the challenge for these games is to offer something different in order to stand out and capture their target market.

The gaming industry is huge. It is reported that in 2019, the video gaming industry raked up a total of $120.1 billion in revenue [1]. However, there is still room for improvement. Historically, gaming has always been marketed towards a younger audience. Games in general, whether video games or e-games, have a feeling of belonging to young people. However, data shows that the average age of a gamer is 33 years old [2]. This is not surprising given that these thirty-year-olds have spent their teenage years gaming; they just never grew out of it. Game developers are starting to realize this and are now crafting games that appeal to a wider age range. The recognition and inclusion of e-games in respected sporting events have also opened people’s eyes to see gaming as a lucrative career choice. Additionally, the play-to-earn aspect of gaming in blockchain technology has further opened up e-games to an even greater audience who are not just interested in casual play but more importantly, in the financial opportunity these games offer.

The rise in popularity of some play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity have introduced non-crypto gamers to the space and caused their migration and integration into blockchain technology. It has become apparent that NFTs and play-to-earn games have tremendous potential to bring about mass adoption.

More Than the Usual Play-to-Earn Route

The OGLife

Original Gamer Life is an online platform and community built for gamers by people who love gaming and have been doing so their whole lives. OGL introduces a holistic concept of Thriving-as-a-Service and provides this in the form of mental, physical, and financial wellness. OGL leverages the latest digital technology to connect users with friends and family that is underscored by actively building a system of prosperity.

OGL is a combination of a gaming community hub, metaverse, and marketplace, powered by blockchain and imbued with a play-to-earn model that introduces cryptocurrencies to a 3 billion strong gaming audience [3].

Where It All Started

The heart behind the Original Gamer Life stemmed from a desire to create a positive environment and experience for underserved communities and high stress sectors including current and former military, first responders, and healthcare workers, as well as senior and disabled gamers. It soon became apparent that health and wellness was a universal issue among all gamers, cementing the need for a social impact platform that addresses these concerns.

The term Original Gamer refers to anyone who pursues a love of games and recognizes what being a ‘gamer’ is all about.

The Mission

While the gaming industry has captured the younger market, esports and competitive gaming are not readily accessible to older gamers despite the statistics mentioned above. Additionally, despite today’s accelerated digital age, there remains accessibility hurdles faced by disabled and senior individuals. These people face challenges navigating the technology, barring them from enjoying the health and wealth benefits of blockchain technologies and the communities within. OGLife aims to provide easy access for everyone to help them thrive both virtually and offline.

The Play-to-Thrive Philosophy

Thriving-as-a-Service focuses on two core ideas: well-being and community. By helping users cultivate their mental, physical and financial well-being as well as connect to a vibrant community, gamers can fully enjoy a thriving life.

  1. Well-being — OGs can earn points and tokens for completing tasks aligned to different aspects of their well-being in addition to programs geared towards those in different age brackets and levels of mobility. Users also earn rewards for using partner services that connect them to healthcare providers and facilitate long term care plans. Health portals allow users to research plans and programs that are tailored to their needs, with the option of engaging in premium services by spending points and tokens, reducing or covering costs. By providing a platform that directly connects users to vendors and service providers, people can take advantage of more options that would not have been readily available otherwise.
  2. Community — OGLife allows users to connect with fellow gamers to earn rewards. They can interatct via text, audio, and video chat on the platform and through the community Discord.

Thriving-as-a-Service can be described as a business model that is familiar to gamers, both in DeFi and traditional games. Most gamers are familiar with the business model known as Free-to-Play where it costs nothing to begin playing and users are given micro amounts of premium currency required to access certain content or features. Play-to-Earn games add the layer of allowing the premium currency, in this case, a token, to be traded or transferred for other tokens or exchanged for fiat. Thriving-as-a-Service or Play-to-Thrive combines these two models by motivating gamers to engage in health and wellness activities to earn rewards.

A Nod to the OG Greats

OGLife combines multiple metaverses, games, and realities to create a multiverse where users can live out their digital lives while enjoying all the benefits. It gives billions of gamers the chance to be part of something unique and rewarding. Built by a strong team who have lived virtual lives in the original metaverses when online games were just starting out, these people know firsthand how gaming can improve overall wellness when done in a healthy way. OGLife provides such a platform in order to maximize the benefits staying connected and active in communities all while enjoying shared experiences both online and offline. As part of a global community, OGLife aims to do more by contributing positive social impact to the world powered by blockchain technology.



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